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Let’s talk bout worldbuilding and tattoos! This setting that isn’t a story yet is a vague fantasy AU where humans and trolls coexist, in separate nations. The sufferer’s rebellion initially succeeded, and he abolished the hemospectrum. Theoretical equality for all trolls. But he was real big on the idea of mercy, so the highbloods just waited for the warmblood leaders to die off and took back their power, with lots of bloodshed and retaliation. Fast forward a ways, and the Summoner’s rebellion succeeds. This time, the hemospectrum straight up flips, and coldbloods are treated like crap because the warmbloods remember what they did the last time.

In story present, Kankri is the ruler of the troll nation. He works mainly with the idea of trying not to offend anybody ever, which means he’s not doing a very effective job. There was some confusion when pretty blatantly obvious heirs to the summoner and the sufferer came to light, but Rufioh was NOT interested in being tied down like that and losing his personal freedom. He’s a military commander, but he’d probably be happier just chilling somewhere. When Karkat came around, everyone was kinda wondering what to do with him, because on warmblood lifespans, his and Kankri’s lifespans are mostly going to overlap. After everyone tried to keep him around to palace doing nothing for a while, Karkat shouted his way into being effectively the right hand of the king.

Now, tattoos. The idea of lusii and quadrants stand in for family in troll society. There are unfortunate things happening to the lusii, which I will go into later. So there is a lot riding on quadrants and your relationships with them. Tattoos are the big thing. When you and a quadrant formalize your relationship, you get a tattoo of their sign to represent that commitment. In an ideal world, you’d have no more than one tattoo per quadrant, because serendipity. There’s a lot of pressure on trolls to find THE ONE (for each quadrant). So Porrim, the village two-wheel device, has made a conscious decision to disregard that societal standard and do what makes her happy, and she comes in for a lot of disapproval for flaunting how many quadrants she’s had. But those commitments and how they shaped her are important to her, and they didn’t stop mattering just because a relationship ended. On the other hand, you have Kankri, who’s well into adulthood, who’s the most important troll in the whole country, and still hasn’t managed to fill a single quadrant. He wears a lot of high-necked shirts and long sleeves.

Now, where the tattoos go is important, and very personal. Sollux has Aradia’s tattoo big and obvious, right on his neck. It’s very large, and it’ll be in the face of anyone who ever talks to him, and it’s on a vulnerable part of his body, indicating the level of his trust in her. Alternately, you have Latula. Mituna’s tattoo isn’t that obvious to others, but the emotions driving the relationship are intensely private instead of intensely public, as for Sollux. Additionally, a matesprit tattoo over the heart is the ideal location for that quadrant, and represents belief that yes, this is the one, this is serendipity.

There are other motivations driving tattoo size and placement. Nepeta’s tattoo is first, massively oversized, to represent the strength of her commitment to the relationship. Second, as a soldier who gets scarred up pretty regularly, she can take a lot of scars in a lot of locations, and the shape of the tattoo will still be obvious (getting a tattoo obliterated is very Not Good). Finally, there are times when her job requires stealth, and despite its size, this is a tattoo that can be covered by clothes. Equius, who believes in the relationship with equal strength, has chosen to represent his emotions differently. On his palms, he deliberately picked a painful place to be tattooed to represent his commitment. The placement also makes them constantly visible to him, because his moirail is frequently away, but this keeps her with him. Unlike hers, it is impossible to hide and very obvious to everyone he interacts with. And on his hands, she’s in everything he does. Now, he would absolutely never ever discuss these emotions, but societally, the placement of these tattoos is meant to be a matter of careful consideration, and that IS what people would read into it.

On the other hand, look at Rufioh. He got Damara’s tattoo when he was young and confident, in a nice obvious place in a pretty large size. Well, that fell apart. Rufioh’s really bad at saying no, so when Horuss started talking about getting tattoos, Rufioh went along with it. But this tattoo is smaller and a lot easier to hide, because Rufioh really wasn’t that sure about the relationship, and having multiple tattoos for the same quadrant is embarrassing. He says it’s because Horuss is close to his heart, but that’s not strictly true. Then, consider Cronus. He and his matesprit were about as poor as it’s possible to get. They got their tattoos done, but cheaply and poorly, and when the higher-caste trolls see his for the first time, there’s going to be some (rude) shock over how shoddy it looks. His matesprit is dead, but even though there isn’t another living troll wearing Cronus’s tattoo, other trolls are going to feel very reluctant to become matesprits with him, especially given his tattoo location.

Also, trolls are pretty shocked by humans representing commitments with something as impermanent and impersonal as jewelry.


Welcome to the Scratch ‘n Sniff Shipping Mecha; I will be your guide.

Dumb doodlies and designs I’m working on for AUstuckTerNep Humanstuck AU where Nepeta is an ally-cat and claims Alternia City’s park as her domain and sleeps in the trees and a cave she found. Terezi and her off-and-on-boyfriend-slash-best-friend Karkat meet her one day and they engage in roleplay  wars and do kick-ass street art and eventually become hot girlfriends that like to make Karkat sexually frustrated. Awe yissss


Zalgostuck Nepeta reference sheet of sorts.

Zalgo Nepeta is lithe, cunning, and toothy. Much like the Cheshire cat, she is playful, but in a sinister manner. Unlike the rest of the Nightmares, she has no intention to kill the children, but rather toy with them. Often times, she will lead the children to the other Nightmares to be consumed or mutilated.

Zalgostuck is an AU in which the 12 trolls of Homestuck are not trolls, but Nightmares that plague the four Alpha timeline children. 



~Baby, it’s cold outside~ 

I went outside today and it was too hot so i went back inside and drew this. ;u;I live in southern-ish California so we don’t get any snow besides the frost on our roofs. ;A; It’s getting hot way too fast.

I hope no one is getting tired of these two yet, I know I should draw some other genderbents besides these dorks and some hetalia stuff sooner or later =w=;; Soon. Soon.

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